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General Information

With the passing of the years, wrinkles, marks, and imperfections of various types are left on the skin, gradually robbing it of its lustre and vibrancy.
To combat these negative signs of aging, aesthetic medicine can now intervene with a series of specific treatments and therapies, aiming at restoring the natural purity and glow of youth to the skin.
One of the most effective of these treatments is the modern technology of radiofrequency.
Research work by the team of experts in aesthetic medicine working for the ITS Group has resulted in the development of “Rinnova Plus TS” (TS Renewal Plus): a device specifically designed to administer an intense anti-aging treatment to the face and body, exploiting the technology of monopolar and bipolar radiofrequency.

Simple and swift to apply, Rinnova Plus TS acts effectively on the skin, eradicating the signs of aging and restoring natural tone and luminosity.
Rinnova Plus TS is equipped with a computerised system with touch screen technology, allowing the operator to regulate the radiofrequency very precisely during treatment, and to control the transfer of energy in real time.
The two handpieces and seven electrodes supplied with the device allow the operator to carry out the radiofrequency treatment very efficiently, either on the face or on the body.
To obtain the optimum performance from this sophisticated piece of equipment, and to allow one to use it in a safe, effective and completely personalised way, the specially designed software for the Rinnova Plus TS ensures that every function of the device can be controlled with the maximum degree of precision.


Radio frequency is a technology able to produce electromagnetic fields through a special handprobe that gently grazes the skin and triggers a selective dermal heating that activates the processes of cutaneous regeneration.

Radio Frequency treatment aims to improve the underlying tissue structure through a powerful anti-ageing effect. It can be used on the body to treat skin laxity and fluid retention problems which lead to unwanted cellulite.

Radio Frequency treatment has proven to be absolutely safe and is not harmful to the human body if the treatment protocols are followed.

It is not advisable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, patients with pace-makers, electrical devices or metal implants in the area to be treated to undergo radio frequency treatments. Patients who undergo this procedure should have good overall health. In case of doubt, consult a knowledgeable physician.

Absolutely not. Radio frequency is not an invasive treatment. During the treatment, a slight heating is the only sensation experienced as the handprobe grazes the skin.

When compared to invasive procedures, Radio Frequency is a more affordable treatment option.